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C3 Karrinyup (C3K) is a vibrant, contemporary, friendly, Spirit-filled church in the western-beaches area of Perth, Australia.

We are a cross-cultural, multi-generational group.  We love God, family, fellowship, and fun.


Our Vision


  • To connect people to God - through relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • To see their lives enriched as they follow Him.

  • To empower them to positively impact their world.

  • To inspire others by living and leading with authenticity.


C3K Global Connections


C3K is unique – we have different ‘flavours’ of members – some are FIFO (‘fly-in  fly-out’) who meet Jesus in Australia & return to their homelands. Others are locals. Others call us a ‘PR’ church (those who have received Permanent Residence status), and others are working towards settling in Australia.  These people are from the following nations : Australia / USA /Singapore / Malaysia / China / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Sri Lanka / UK / Brazil / South Africa / Moldova / India / New Zealand / Croatia / Japan / Mexico.







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